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Do you have health challenges such as cardiac issues? High Blood Pressure? Diabetes? Sleep Apnea?

Do you want to greatly improve or even eliminate these troublesome conditions?

Then you have arrived at the right channel.

I'm Big Northern Bear. A few years ago, I was a competitive Masters 2 powerlifter in the unlimited weight class when a severe heart condition brought my training to a halt and turned my life upside down. I discovered that my heart condition and other significant health issues were not only interconnected but also responded to the same lifestyle and natural approaches.

By applying what I learned, I managed to shed a substantial amount of weight and completely transform my health and quality of life.

Here I share my experiences and inspire you to embark on a similar journey. Together, we'll navigate the path to improved health, supporting and motivating each other every step of the way. Join me, and let's transform our lives one heartbeat at a time!

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